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Student Pre-Arrival Information

Information web-sites

There is plenty of information on web-sites to help you prepare for coming to the UK, some of the best are:-

  • Your school
  • The British Council in your home country www.educationuk.org
  • A personal safety guide for students www.educationuk.org/downloads/safety_1st.pdf
  • UKCISA the British organisation that helps international students www.ukcisa.org.uk
    • We can also give you information and we hope you will ask if you have any queries.

      You should have no problem gaining a visa to study at a recognised British Institution once you have an offer letter from your school. Normally visa officials check that parents have the funds/income to pay for the education and that you have sufficient English to cope with the level of your course. Your home country British Council staff will be familiar with the local situation and will be able to give help if you need advice.

      The Weather
      We have a range of weather in the UK. It can be hot, occasionally very hot and it can be cold, sometimes very cold. It can rain at any time of the year. Most students arrive in September, when it is normally still warm & sunny. It will become colder & wetter as the first term progresses, and will be very cold by the middle of December.

      Your school will give you information about your school uniform. You will need a variety of clothing to cope with the range of weather. In September you may want to wear t-shirts and sandals out of school hours. Later a warm waterproof coat and warm sweaters are essential, wellington boots and an umbrella are useful!

      Bank Accounts/Pocket Money
      Can parents please let us know if they would like us to help you open a UK bank account. Banks will vary as to the documents they require you to provide. If you know which bank you expect to use, let us know and we can check the required documents in advance.

      Can parents please inform us if they would like us to arrange to give you regular pocket money. Parents can also request that we give you occasional sums of money, as required, so there is no need for you to carry large sums of money.

      Please be aware that prices for the items you may like to buy:- music, magazines, clothes, snacks, stationary etc. are likely to be more expensive than in your home country. Prices will vary and some shops will be much cheaper than others.

      Travelling to the UK
      Parents can make arrangements for younger children to be in the care of airline staff until their son/daughter is met by their guardian or school representative at the destination airport.

      Make sure you wear comfortable clothes for a long journey. Have something warm to wear in case it is cool when you arrive.

      Check the airline information re luggage, many have made changes recently about the hand luggage you can take on board.

      Do not carry large amounts of money, make sure that you keep any valuables in a secure place at all times.

      Have you school offer letter where you can find it quickly if required.

      Arrival at the Airport & Travelling to the Heart of England
      It is required by UK immigration officials that minors are met at the airport by their guardian or school representative.

      Many schools arrange transport to & from airports at the beginning and end of terms or half terms. Please check if your school is offering this service.

      There may be some delay after you have touched down until you come through to the arrivals lounge.
      If you are being met by a Heart of England Guardianship Services representative, they will be carrying a HEGS board with your name clearly printed on it. Where possible we will send you the name and a photograph of our representative.

      If you cannot see the person sent to meet you (this is very unlikely) go to the terminal information desk, give the airline staff your name and the name of the person or company arranged to meet you. You can ask the airport staff to phone the HEGS office or emergency mobile. Please wait at the information desk until that person arrives. Under no circumstances arrange alternative transport.

      Older students can discuss alternative ways to travel and from to airports when they are more familiar with the country, however they must advise us of their arrangements.

      Contacting Your Parents
      Your guardian will help you to telephone your parents as soon as possible, to let them know you have arrived safely.

      Mobile Phone
      Please ask if you need help to buy a UK Sim card for your mobile phone, to use while you are in the country.

      Meeting your Guardian
      If a school representative meets you at the airport your guardian will arrange to visit you within 3 days of your arrival. If there are any problems we will be able to help you sort these out at this meeting. Please phone the HEGS office if you need to speak to us urgently or if you have concerns.

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